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If you sprinkile flakes of lead around a dipole magnet you can see the lines of magnet force on the table. I think that's the correct termanology. Anyway, the earth is supposed to have a magnetic grid that are called "ley lines" and where two or more ley lines intersect you find the ancients building places like stonehenge and the pyramids and so forth.

Is there any concrete evidence to these lines or are they just scientific folklore? I saw a supposed map of ley lines in Seattle once and there was like a hundred of them and I was somewhat incredulous. However the Oregon Vortex in Southern Oregon is supposed to be one of these convergent spots (similar one in Santa Cruz) and the gravitational anomalies in those spots is truely wierd.

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    Sat, February 19, 2005 - 8:04 AM
    What office did you see these in? I have been looking for a map of them.
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      Thu, February 22, 2007 - 2:18 PM
      Check my site for info and more pictures...

      I feel them and light them up....just need to know what they feel and look like....

      Acupuncturists use meridian lines, which travel through the body, to treat certain symptoms. The earth has similar energy lines, called ley lines, which travel all over the world. There are power centers on Earth similar to the meridian points used by acupuncturists to make their needle point entries. On Earth, the ley lines travel from power center to power center. They follow the "the path of least resistance." Ley lines will go around trees or houses, and curve their way down trails to get to the next power center.
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    Wed, April 13, 2005 - 9:38 PM
    Ley lines, as this is only my opinion do not exist. Like i said this is only my opinion, so not try to change it, I believe in my own perception. I feel the ley lines and lines involved with palmistry are not a real, reliable source. Things are on thew constant brink of change. Previoulsy embedded lines do not follow that. Earthquakes are a perfect example of such

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